Surgical Services

Discover advanced surgical solutions for knee-related issues
at The Knee Clinic. Our team of skilled orthopedic
surgeons specializes in a range of cutting-edge
procedures tailored to address various
knee conditions.

Surgical offerings

Arthroscopic Procedures

Experience minimally invasive interventions for diagnosing and treating knee problems like ligament tears, meniscus injuries, and cartilage damage. Arthroscopy ensures faster recovery and minimal discomfort.

Surgical Arthritis Management

Combat severe arthritis affecting knee joints through specialized procedures including joint debridement, osteotomy, and partial or total knee replacements. Our approach focuses on pain relief and restoring joint function.

Patello-Femoral Procedures

Address kneecap-related issues with precision. Procedures like lateral release or medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction correct malalignment or instability, ensuring optimal kneecap function.

Alignment-Deformity Correction

Correct knee deformities or misalignments effectively. Our surgeons employ advanced techniques to realign bones, correcting conditions like bowlegs or knock-knees for improved joint stability.

Traumatic Knee Treatment

Get specialized care for traumatic knee injuries such as ligament tears, tendon ruptures, or fractures. Our trauma-related procedures, including ligament reconstruction and fracture fixation, facilitate optimal recovery.

Fracture Fixation

Ensure proper healing of knee fractures with precise fixation methods like internal fixation using plates, screws, or rods. Our expertise ensures stable fixation, promoting successful recovery.